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THE COVFEFE CODE: Why so many in Hollywood are Afflicted & How it Relates to Coronavirus


In May 2017 President Trump used the word “covfefe” in a tweet, which many took to be a misspelling of “coffee” and it sparked a firestorm of speculation and ridicule. Since then various theories have been attributed to the word, none of which have proven correct until now.

Before we can explain we must lay the unfortunate background.

Warning, this post contains sensitive material.

1. Part of the ritual which keeps those in the public eye forever young and “high-octaned” involves a highly-addictive substance called adrenochrome.

2. Adrenochrome is the drug made from the hormone released when a human being is in a heightened state of terror proceeding death. A child’s hormone is the most potent. A child or infant with high melanin (dark-skinned) is most potent of all.

3. A few weeks ago reputable intel exposed the following: a batch of the manmade Coronavirus/Covid-19 was contained within tainted adrenochrome distributed to users. This is being used as a marker to identify adrenochrome-addicts, aka baby killers. This intel is now proving true before our eyes.

4. As those in the public fall ill or self-quarantine, their bodies fail to produce adrenalin, often causing them to stumble or more easily lose balance.

5. The ensuing loss of brain and body function as well as signs of youth makes their withdrawal public, unless they stay hidden, or as they say, in “self-isolation.”

6. This sounds like the stuff of horror films, but to us, truth is not just stranger than fiction, it is the probable basis of all “fictional” stories in the canon of mankind.

7. Hollywood–named for the branch of holly used as a witch’ divining stick–is far more smoke and mirrors than you ever might have thought.

8. In May 2017 Trump used the term “covfefe” in his tweet, setting off a firestorm of ridicule in the mainstream media. Since then much speculation has transpired over its meaning.

9. So what is covfefe, and what does it have to do with coronavirus/covid-19, “elites” and adrenochrome?

A side effect of adrenochrome usage involves elevated iron levels.

10. Co+V+FeFE

The Coronavirus cure does not work on adrenochrome users because it causes the already-high iron in their body to increase to lethal levels and would kill them instantly.

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