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Hollyweird Files: Spotlight on Alyssa Milano

Why is the Hollywood sycophant crowd behaving like a rabid imbeciles on crack? What do they have to hide and who is pulling their strings?

Note to all would-be-still-famous or irrelevant Hollywood anti-Trumpers: mess with the take-down of the Deep State and risk being targeted by the freedom-loving SPOTLIGHT OF TRUTH.

As more info seeps into the mainstream, the connections we make here will magnify. Here are a few dot-connectors for posterity’s sake.

Please note that this is conjecture (and satire) based on research and, while we try to use our highest discernment as to what is factual and what isn’t, neither the Speak Project nor its authors puts this forward as fact.

AS ALWAYS, use your own best sense of discernment in deciding what to believe.

As to our current celebrity narcissist—

Let’s start with a little story.

The “Damage Control Model”

Let’s pretend…

Let’s pretend we are ranking members of that elusive hoity-toity club that begins with an “I” and rhymes with Slumunahttee.

We are at one of our secret get togethers, call it a Filderberg meeting, somewhere high in the Monrovian Alps. The information put out by that upstart, Q, that we had tried to discredit by calling a conspiracy theory, was backfiring and the mainstream sheep were asking more and more questions.

After all we had done for them! We’d set up the Trump bashers well in advance, that washed up crowd of former A-listers whom we still controlled and who wanted to milk some last remaining drops of relevance for themselves. We had Babs, Bobby, Alec, Bette, the Hanks duo, even that lame ass comedian who cut off the head – it was awesome. They were going at it like starving cats chasing the world’s tastiest rat. But the damn rat always manages to get away.

I can’t remember who else was on the original list of bashers now, but we called it The D-Squad. D, for ‘dumbass’. Didn’t matter what they said, or if there were any facts behind it, the Squad just repeated what we told ‘em like wind-up idiots. It amazes me how the sheep do everything they’re told. It’s sometimes just too easy.

Too many questions

Yet, the useless eaters were still asking questions.

What’s this about Hollywood cults? Are you guys sleeping with (aghast) children???

We needed to up the Squad’s numbers and so went to the B-listers, pulling has-beens out of the closet who hadn’t seen light in years, Reiner, Schwarzenegger, the talk show hosts, those morning and nighttime do-anything-for-pay bots—from there we went to the C and D list—we were taking anyone with a pulse and a past to hide. The desperate need for attention was a given.

Still, the questions from the useless eaters persisted: What’s all that about spirit cooking parties? Pizza delivery—what??? How dare you?

As if the snoozing masses had never contemplated these things themselves. Sheesh!

Something had to be done.

What to do?

We decided to throw the whiny sleepers a bone in the form of that fat pervert producer whom we had been trying to get rid of anyway. Harvey whasshisname. He acted like he owned half of Hollywood and we were tired of him.

The beta kittens had been complaining about his blubbery limp-ones for years—as if the careers they’d won on their backs weren’t enough, and as if they still retained rights to their bodies. We were forced to MKUltra more of them then, running multiple programs in each one at once: Beta kitten model and Presidential model and Presidential-wife model, Witch-model and Propaganda model, Trans-model… the job of a Slumunahttee never stops! But I digress.

You see, harpooning the Weinstein schnook wasn’t enough and things were beginning to backfire. The sleepers were saying the problem ran deeper and wider than a little sexual perversion. They were talking about a large scale sex/pedophile network, a CIA-orchestrated ring used to control Hollywood and DC!

We needed to redirect the sleepers towards something harmless, and fast.

The former child actor

Who did we have in our network whose career was on the skids, who had at least in the past been likeable, was still attractive, had a sex tape or two in her background that could be easily exploited, who had been useful in promoting other agendas like the witch/occult program, who thought of herself as more important and more intelligent than she actually was—and most of all, had skeletons in her closet that she never, ever wanted exposed?

If you’re thinking, well, that describes half of Hollywood, then you’re correct. But we knew who we wanted. We already had her in our palm thanks to some other stuff in her past and her husband-handler who was deeply indebted to us.

In true Slumunahttee fashion we covered our bases and implanted her, along with a few likely trollops, with the idea that they were super smart and had opinions worth listening to (snicker). Then we ran the anti-Trump programming through their brains day and night. Stuff like, Trump sucks, Trump’s a racist, Trump eats immigrant babies, and so on. You gotta see us at the midnight orgies making this stuff up. We have contests for the best fun un-facts. I gotta admit, counter-attacking this administration is lotsa fun.

We upped their narcissist quotients and activated multiple damage control models built around the Weinstein sex scandal, for this is where we wanted to direct attention. You know how we like to accomplish multiple things at once. We designed a multi-tiered system to work in various ways. It fills us with joy to be efficient like this, even if it takes eons to accomplish our aims.

Activating the Damage Control Units

In this case we would win multiple fronts behind the facade of social consciousness. Here’s a few:

  • Deflect all questions about widespread sex bribery networks to the smaller cases of sex abuse

  • Force everyone to accept that crying rape is enough to convict blameless patsies (as long as it’s not someone we need)

  • Support the Breakdown of Families agenda, the Gender Confusion agenda, the Genocide-Through-Vaccine agenda, and the Lack of Procreation agenda

  • Promote the “White is Bad” campaign

  • Further the Infantcide Slide Into Guy-in-Red agenda

  • Open the Occult-unGodly-Witchcraft pathway

  • Divide people into the men vs women camp, and further divest men of their backbone as well as the right to their own sex lives

We’re good at this

So, we got all the C and D actresses whose careers never materialized or had dried up, and made them into social activists.

We even let the one we’d spiked to the front row call herself a hacktivist. Our former child actor had by this time lost all hope of a career except as a judge on that crappy fashion show spin-off, a gig we’d let her husband wedge her into, even though she was short, pregnant most of the time, and generally dressed like an overstuffed pumpkin or streetwalker.

Isn’t Project Runway a Weinstein show, you ask? There’s no such thing as coincidences, right?

No, there aren’t. Like I said, we are very good at this.

Wind Her up and Watch Her Go


Alyssa has achieved much for us. She really is a very valuable hacktivist tool.

Here’s a short list with explanations.

  • Bringing witchcraft to the masses via the TV Show, Charmed (Social Engineering)

  • Politicizing the #MeToo movement and avoiding what might have been a dangerous discussion on rights and predatorial behavior (creating division and a diversion)

  • Fake tears over being groped at a concert (virtue signaling)

  • Fake agony about immigrant babies while overlooking this event when KenyaBoy was in office (more virtue signaling)

  • Extreme hypocrisy regarding which rape accusers to believe, and which perpetrators to promote (fake cognitive dissonance)

  • A foray into porn in the 90’s (more social engineering for us, degrading the male-female union, reducing women and gay men to objects, that sort of thing)

  • A foray into porn in the 90’s that she politicized once it resurfaced (her opportunism knows no bounds!)

  • Calling for a sex strike in order for women to get their way (regulating sex to a means of manipulation and turning female empowerment into tyranny)

  • Creating Extreme Annoyance among long-term Project Runway fans for her fashion-less, stiff and talentless presence (this one is extra funny to us)

  • Siding with Biden but not with Kavanaugh (we just love emphasizing her hypocrisy)

  • Joining the UN and trying to be Angelina Jolie (this one felt over the top but she gets an A for effort)

  • Calling out Melania for wearing bling when she owns multiple million dollar homes (very good projection)

  • Calling for a boycott of the Atlanta film industry (narcissistic arrogance, local industry be damned!)



“I am proud to support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s brave decision to tell her story.” (Despite absence of facts, verification, consistency, or testimony under oath)

Bill Clinton, Rapist

“Bill Clinton, I love you so much. Like crazy amounts of love.”

Creepy Uncle Joe

“I am proud to call Joe Biden a friend. He has been a leader and a champion on fighting violence against women for many years.”

Biden’s Accuser (one of them)

“Only problem here is this is that none of her story can be verified. We can not open the door to guilty until proven innocent. That is not good for anybody.”

Maybe Milano doesn’t mind Creepy Uncle Joe sniffing her hair and rubbing her shoulders. But then again, she is over the age limit.


Necessary to protect very, very big stars like myself but must be removed from the masses.


Okay for public bathrooms signaling that my husband is not controlled by my hacktivism, but not when I need to to assert my opinion to the masses.

Rights to Our Bodies

Very, very many abortions allowed, at whatever term our uterus’ decide. However I am against the death penalty. And also MAGA hats.

Separating Families

Okay for Obama and for American ghettos but not for Trump, even if he didn’t really do that.

God bless you! I love you! Give my regards to your lovely spouses! (snort)

Fun Facts

After #MeToo took off, the “activist stars”’ battled it out in social media. Rose McGowan said that Alyssa Milano is a “lie.”

Alyssa’s son Milo is Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey’s godson. She loves Twitter and Twitter loves her.

She was part of the Soda Pop Club in her youth, which was exposed for rampant pedophilia (more on that below).

She dated both Corey Feldman, who was instrumental in exposing Hollywood pedo rings, and Corey Haim, a victim of same who became addicted to drugs and was later suicided.

Spellcasting The Masses

Young people loved Milano’s show, Charmed, in which she played one of three witches. This is part of our agenda to introduce witchcraft and spells to today’s youth, to make the Dark Arts seem normal in order to usher in a wave of “harmless” occultism. Heehee. We know where that leads.

This movement was designed to eradicate connection to one’s sense of goodness and morality and to pervert divinity. You know how we like to create chaos and all that dark scary stuff.

In this video Alyssa expertly uses the technique of spellcasting through repetitive chants to get followers to act and speak without any thoughts of their own.

The Hillary Connection

Everyone in our network connects to Hillary and Barry in one way or another; its just the way it’s done. is one of the organizations we created in Hillary’s name, trying as always, to make her look good (an impossible task).

Some board members of note according to their website:

  • Alyse Nelson – president and CEO, also a board member of Women Have Wings with Zainab Salbi of Synergos and the UN Broadband Commission’s Gender Working Group

  • Beth Brooke-Marciniak – Global Vice-Chair of Public Policy at Ernst and Young, global sponsor for Diversity and Inclusiveness; also a member of Aspen Institute

  • Tina Brown – founder of Women in the World summit, attended International Crisis Group dinner

  • Sally Field – hosted Women’s Media Center 2016 award for Anita Sarkeesian

  • Geraldine Laybourne – Acumen Fund, Oxygen Media

  • Susan Ness – German Marshall Fund (forced Muslim immigration on Europe), Senior Fellow at John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

  • Roselyne Swig – old money, funded Gavin Newsom

  • Diane von Furstenburg – wife of Barry Diller of IAC (Daily Beast) whose board includes Michael Eisner, Chelsea Clinton, and Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Notice the Bronfman connection? Bronfmnan links to NXVIM—the cult where we get women to willingly brand themselves with red hot irons and submit to being full time sex slaves. All this through some minor brainwashing. We excel at cults.

What’s more, Vital Voices is funded by the State Department. That’s what we call the icing on the cake.

Alphy’s Soda Pop Club

The sexual abuse Milano was referring to in the above video was being groped at a concert. LMAO. Now, I’m not putting down unwanted groping, but, as a child star in the 80’s and member of the notorious Soda Pop Club, where child actors Corey Feldman (messed up), Corey Haim (overdosed) and other pre-teens were repeatedly, horrifically abused, Alyssa did an excellent job of hiding, and deflecting any knowledge whatsoever of this situation.

Who was she was dating at the time? Both Corey’s. We worried she might slip and tell a real abuse story or too, but our girl has kept her cool.

And that incident with River Phoenix? Well she’s remained mum about that all these years as well. Of course, we’re also holding it over her head, so there’s that.

In 1987 established “Alphy’s Soda Pop Club”, (a private teen dance club for teen actors and their guests) with Magician and TV Star Danny Scott and Original New York Seltzer President Randy Miller, who was the clubs title sponsor thus “Soda Pop Club”. In 1990 the club changed direction became “Alphy’s Private Teen Club” which successfully got spun into the Television Presentation of “Alphy’s Hollywood Power Party” for Saban Entertainment starring Alphy as host and with Alyssa Milano, Scott Grimes, Jason Hervey, Soliel Moon Frye and Mackenzie Astin. The Free Thought Project

The Angie Award

Move over Angelina Jolie, there’s a new saint in town. Alyssa worked as an activist in which she raised money for African women and children with AIDS. She also released a sex tape which she used to promote the Syrian civil war, and released repeat accusatory attacks called PSA’s telling people they weren’t doing enough to support starving children through corrupt non-profit agencies.

A Rumor We Failed to Suppress

According to that Illuminati traitor David Marshall, who broke ranks and started naming names, Alyssa Milano is an “alien parasite host.” He goes on to whimper, “I’ve hated this thing (Alyssa) nearly my whole life. Bothered me at cloning since childhood. If I croak do not allow this thing to escape justice. I want it smashed. I want it’s face concave. Burn it preferably.”

Well David, good things come to those who wait. No one reads your whiny website anyway, or will read it, after we take it completely down.

Husband & The Illuminati

Alyssa’s husband is a major Hollywood talent agent, and if you suspect he’s skilled at delivering “the goods” for us, then you’ve guessed correctly. He is Dave Bugliari, CAA Agent with a roster of assets a mile long.

Bugliari’s clients include Jason Sudeikis, Chris (Ludacris) Bridges, Christina Applegate, George Lopez, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Sarah Silverman, and many, many household names.

Our Hollywood Headquarters

Creative Artists Associates (CAA)

Creative Artists Associates (CAA)

Georgia Guidestones

Creative Artists Associates (CAA)

Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) Logo and Illuminati CAA Agency, Georgia Guidestones of Human Genocide

The Disney Connection

It’s always there, isn’t it—some connection to Uncle Walt?

Alyssa lent her voice to Lady and The Tramp II, and was also the inspiration for Little Mermaid.

She just LOVES to take her kids to the Magic Kingdom.

BFF, Linda Sarsour

Yep, we’re sneaking in Sharia law through Linda and her pals Omar and Rashida. They’re the somewhat pretty, very petty, front women (hey, we tried our best) for Sharia America.

Alyssa did a great job in silencing that mouthy independent reporter, Laura Loomer, for asking what could have been very embarrassing questions.

“God bless you,” “She’s not Sharia,” Alyssa repeated robotically, ignorantly, as Laura was ousted from the room.

Truth is we have a much larger network of Islamic radicals built up behind these women and we’re using America’s fear of being “politically incorrect” against you. The trick is to shout “Islamophobia!” anytime anyone calls our representatives out. For instance, we cry “Islamophobia!” when calling the Islamists “anti-American” (they are), “radical,” or “beholden to the creation of a Western Islamic State where women are slaves, and sex with animals and children is permitted” (our kind of place).

Alyssa’s Porn

Oh yes, Alyssa went to town in the 90’s and onward, stripping down on camera, giving and taking like the best of them, wagging her booty and turning men into drooling drones while making women feel fat and inferior.

Great job, Alyssa!

Featuring the Infanticide Agenda

Press release from Sitcoms Online:

Alyssa Milano, actress, activist and of course a friend to this website, is coming out with a new project today. The trailer for Alyssa Milano’s new podcast, Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry has been released. The weekly podcast launches today (Monday, April 29) and will tackle social, political and cultural issues from the perspective of unapologetic guests while highlighting activists doing amazing work and grassroots efforts throughout the country. The podcast will focus on shaping narratives and changing hearts and minds to bridge the ideologies of a divided nation. Milano has spoken with many guests including VP Joe Biden, Congressman Ro Khanna, Frances Fisher, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Congresswoman Jayapal, Manuel Oliver, and many more. Future interviews include Stacey Abrams, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Terry Crews. She continues to use her voice and platform to advocate for social justice, fairness and equality. Sorry Not Sorry, is a natural outgrowth of her passion for so many important causes.

Alyssa, we couldn’t be more proud of you. You truly are one of us.

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