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Pedogate: The Child-Trafficking Blackmail System

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Because this topic is so extensive and so many researchers have already laid the groundwork, this post acts as one of a series that is designed to help you connect the dots and bring you to the present state of affairs in a succinct and accurate fashion, without leading you down too many emotionally taxing and unproductive rabbit holes.

Public awakening to hidden events is occurring at rapid pace and, in all probability, arrests of the perpetrators will soon be made public. In an effort to help you catch up on the incidents bringing us to this point, effort has been made to eliminate inaccuracies, ‘clickbait’, ‘fear porn’ and unsubstantiated claims, while bringing to the forward only the most conclusive material possible.

A warning, though. The nature of this series is highly disturbing. We at Speak Project try to be as respectful as possible to the sensitivity of these topics, but by their very nature the crimes are horrific. Please keep your vibration high as you read about these things, understanding that much of the crimes have been halted and that much is still being done to bring these heinous practices to a complete end. Your awareness and outrage is key to the completion of this effort. We can not, as a society, tolerate such acts perpetrated on our young, or on any living being.

It’s possible that if you are becoming aware of the breadth of this problem for the first time, that you will react emotionally. Go ahead and scream, rage, weep, mourn. Afterwards, hug your children, and add your outrage to the rising voices – and to those who have already risen against this scourge.

Thank you for reading, and for understanding your role in this process.

1. The CIA is tied to a satanic blackmail network in which public figures are tightly controlled under threat of exposure.

2. For the purposes of this post, “exposure” means public revelation of their crimes, which include dark sexual proclivities and worship of Luciferian entities.

A couple of examples:

3. The sexual proclivities they are so afraid of having exposed often take the form of sex with children, some as young as infants.

4. These children are provided by organized, highly-active and highly lucrative child-trafficking rings run by the Deep State. 800,000 children go missing every year according to the FBI. This is a conservative estimate.

5. Many come out of Hollywood, others through the foster care system with the help of complicit government agencies. Still others are bred entirely for this purpose and acquired through other means, that will be gone into in future posts.

6. Epstein’s network and NXVIM are only two examples of the many THOUSANDS of underage blackmail set-ups organized by the Deep State.

7. Those who repeatedly traveled to Epstein’s Island on the “Lolita Express” include the likes of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Bill Gates and Alan Dershowitz.

8. These individuals not only knew what was going on, they voluntarily partook of it regularly.

9. You may also have heard of ‘Pizzagate’. It is not a conspiracy theory.

10. Before Epstein and Keith Raniere, there was Hugh Hefner. Yes, he was a CIA asset!

According to Ex CIA operative, Laurel Aston, in his book Fighting Child and Human Trafficking and Slavery: “I knew Hugh Hefner. He is connected to the CIA. “Hefner is a CIA programmer, CIA sex slave handler and pimp.“Hefner was also a part of running MK ULTRA super assassins and ops.”Laurel Aston Ex. C.I.A. Whistle Blower.

In 2009, Sheri Denise Allred, in the Los Angeles Superior Court, referred to what has been called ‘Hugh Hefner’s CIA/MK ULTRA child abuse ring’ .

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